Six Tips For Air Conditioning Efficiency

Posted on: 4 September 2017

Air conditioning units, even the most advanced ones, need some assistance to operate efficiently. You cannot simply reduce the temperature without making any other conscious efforts to block off the heat or seal the cool air it produces. Here are some tips to increase air conditioning efficiency;


One, always clean the filters. Dust and debris trapped in air conditioning filters block off the cool air that the unit emits. These blockages force the air conditioning unit to perform harder. You can enjoy not only cool but also clean air.


Two, install a programmable thermostat. This additional equipment allows you to regulate temperature automatically. Smart thermostats can also be adjusted remotely using various apps. You just have to ensure that the thermostat is actually hung on the right wall. If it is located next to a window or if it is hit directly by sunlight, then, it will signal the air conditioning unit to operate even if the room is not actually as hot.

Regular Air conditioning Repair

Three, do air conditioning repair and maintenance regularly. Your air conditioning repair technician can check the parts, make the necessary tune-ups, and ensure that the unit is in its best shape.


Four, use a fan. During mild summers, you do not always need to reduce the temperature and pump up your air conditioner to its limit. You can use a ceiling fan to assist your air conditioner in circulating cool air.

Heating Appliances

Five, avoid using heat-producing appliances. A common fault among homeowners is to pump up the air conditioner and then use the oven, stove, or dryer. Heat-producing appliances cause your air conditioning unit to work harder. Instead, use these appliances during the coolest hours of the day when you can endure a few minutes without the air conditioner working.

Direct sunlight

Six, block off direct sunlight. Cooling is much harder than warming. Help your air conditioner cool your room by blocking off additional heat from the outside. Use thick curtains and keep the blinds closed.

While air conditioning repair services should be done routinely, you can avoid costly major repairs through some of these simple steps for increasing air conditioning efficiency. Clean the filters. Use smart thermostat and a ceiling fan. Minimize heat inside the house by blocking off sunlight and turning off heat-producing appliances. These are just a couple of the ways to maximize air conditioning efficiency.

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