Dealing With Dryer Issues

Posted on: 4 June 2018

If you start to have problems with your dryer, you may want to try to take care of the issues on your own. While there are many issues that will require the assistance of a dryer repair technician, there are also some that you may be able to take care of on your own. One of the common problems with a dryer comes with the symptoms of a grumbling noise that seems to get louder each time you use the dryer.  

Troubleshooting the issue: If your clothes are getting dry, but you are concerned about the loud sound the dryer is suddenly making, then you want to grab a putty knife and a quarter inch nut driver. These tools are going to allow you to get to the components that may be causing the rubbing that's bringing about that frustrating and worrisome sound.

Safety first: Before you start digging around in the inner workings of the dryer, you want to make sure you unplug the dryer just to be safe. If the dryer is unplugged, then you won't even have to worry at all about coming into contact with electricity while you are hard at work. It's also important for you to make sure you don't catch yourself on sharp edges and corners while you are doing this. You should always pull the dryer out, so you can clearly see where you are reaching.

Take off the door and inspect components: You can take the door off the dryer by sliding your putty knife between the top of the door and the top edge to disengage the clips that hold it in place. Once this is done, you can remove the two bolts with your nut driver. Now you want to disengage any wire clips that are connected to the door switch. Take the door off and set it out of the way. Now you want to make sure the felt strip on the inside of the door is in good shape. If not, then you'll need to replace this.

Remove the drum and inspect components: You can remove the drum by pushing it to the right and removing the belt from both the idler and motor pulley. Remove the drum and inspect the belt to make sure it is in good shape. If it looks old and/or worn, then this will need to be replaced.

Inspect everything once the drum is out: Now that you have removed the drum, so you can see the inner components clearly, you want to check them. Look at the rollers in the cabinet's rear and make sure they spin freely. Make sure the idler and motor pulleys also move without tension. Check the glides where the drum sits when in place and replace them if they are worn.

Put everything back together: Anything that needs replacing will go back on the way you took the components off. Once you have found and repaired the issue, you will put the dryer back together in the reverse steps as when you took it apart. Plug it back in and you should find that the sound is gone, and you have now learned how to repair components in your dryer on your own!

Contact a company, like A-1 Appliance Service, if you need more help.