• Washer Clogged With Lint? What You Need To Do

    When your washing machine is clogged with lint, it can cause problems with your clothing being too wet, your washing machine not draining properly, or your washing machine may have a foul odor to it. Your washing machine has a lint trap in it, much like your dryer does, but it can trap more than just lint. Locating and cleaning this lint trap is important, as it can lengthen the life of your machine.
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  • What You Can Do If Your Washing Machine Doesn't Drain Properly

    A washing machine that doesn't drain the water out can be a major issue, as that stagnant water will begin to smell and will begin to cause your clothing to stink as well. If your machine isn't draining, you need to drain it manually and then you need to find the cause of the problem. Read on for what you should do if your machine doesn't drain properly. Remove The Water
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