What You Can Do If Your Washing Machine Doesn't Drain Properly

Posted on: 28 February 2022

A washing machine that doesn't drain the water out can be a major issue, as that stagnant water will begin to smell and will begin to cause your clothing to stink as well. If your machine isn't draining, you need to drain it manually and then you need to find the cause of the problem. Read on for what you should do if your machine doesn't drain properly.

Remove The Water

Remove the water manually using a submersible pump. Place the pump inside your machine, then run it with a garden hose to another drain to drain the water out. If you don't have a submersible pump, you can use a garden hose and get a good suction on the hose to remove the water. A bucket or bowl can also be used to manually drain the water from the machine. Once you have the water removed, you can begin to work on your machine.

Inspect The Drain Line

Inspect the drain line on your machine to be sure it isn't clogged with anything. A small sock or other small items may have somehow gotten lodged into the drain line and caused a clog so the water doesn't drain. Inspect the drain line by removing it and then trying to run water through it. If water doesn't run through it at all, there's something in it and you should try to remove the clogged item, or you can replace the drain line altogether.

Clear Out The Drain

If the drain line wasn't the issue, the drain itself may be the issue. If your drains are clogged, you can pour some drain cleaner directly into the drain to remove the clog, or you can use a snake to snake the drain out and remove the clog this way. A clog in the drain can occur from a small item or object, or it could be a buildup of lint from your clothing over time as well. Remove the clog in the drain line to get your machine working properly and draining again.

If your washing machine isn't draining, it could be a clog, or it could be that the machine isn't spinning and going into the drain cycle. If you aren't able to get the machine working properly, you should call a professional washing machine repairman for help with this repair. An issue with the cycle of your machine may be a difficult repair to make on your own, and you should hire a washer repair professional to help you.