A Bad Ignitor Can Keep Your Gas Dryer From Making Heat

Posted on: 2 July 2021

If your gas dryer isn't heating, the problem might be with the ignitor. Other parts that affect the flame in the dryer can cause this problem too, so you may need to call in a dryer repair technician to narrow down the problem and see if the ignitor needs to be replaced. Here's how the ignitor is supposed to work, how to tell if it's bad, and the steps for replacing it.

How A Gas Dryer Ignitor Works

When you turn your dryer on and set the heat, the ignitor is triggered to turn on. The ignitor is near the gas supply and burner, so you can't see it, but if you could, you'd see the metal end of the ignitor glowing orange when it heats up. When gas is released, the heat from the ignitor ignites the gas and creates flames that make heat in order to dry your clothes. Once the gas ignites, the ignitor shuts down. If the ignitor is bad, the gas won't ignite and your dryer won't get hot.

How To Tell If The Ignitor Is Bad

You might suspect problems with the ignitor if your dryer isn't making heat. You might also listen for the clicking sound the ignitor is supposed to make if it's working properly. These are clues the ignitor is bad, but the only way to know for sure is to test it with a multimeter.

Sometimes, if the ignitor is broken or damaged, the technician can tell just by looking at it that it's the source of your dryer malfunction. If damage to the ignitor isn't visible, the dryer repair technician may need to test the fuse, high-limit thermostat, ignitor, and flame sensor to determine which of these parts is bad and causing your dryer to not heat.

How To Replace A Gas Dryer Ignitor

Fortunately, an ignitor is an inexpensive part to replace. However, replacing it isn't a simple job. Dryers have their parts in different places, but generally, the ignitor is deep in the dryer because it has to be next to the gas source and burner. The dryer repair technician may have to remove the top cover and front panel of the dryer, disconnect wiring, and pull out the big drum to reach the ignitor. While these steps aren't difficult, they can be time consuming.

Once the technician reaches the ignitor, they can pull it out, test it, and replace it if it's bad. This entails putting a new ignitor that matches your brand of dryer in the slot for the ignitor and then reassembling your dryer. Once that's done, your dryer should heat up properly again.

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